Saturday, September 5, 2009

CNN reporter: uncover truth
Taiwan reporter: cover up KMT's atrocities

The following two videos show a very good picture of what Taiwan reporters are like: They are not interested in uncovering truth. Just the opposite, they cover up KMT's atrocities.
  1. Video one: 盧秀芳 attacked the CNN anchor woman who reported on Ma's incompetence as impolite and undiplomatic. In the same spirit, 盧秀芳 would criticize foreign press' report of Tibetan genocide as impolite and undiplomatic, and an interference with China's internal affair. She is not interested in reporting genocide. She is more interested in defending it or to cover it up. 盧秀芳s of Taiwan are not the least bit interested in reporting truth about Ma. In what sense are they reporters? Do you find any similarities between 盧秀芳s of Taiwan and foreign correspondents who asked Ma pointed questions at Typhoon Morakot press conference?

  2. Video two: 記者小朋友說: 在這裡不可以說不喜歡周美青. To me, this person is a criminal brainwasher and not a reporter in the western sense of words. So successful is such brainwashing that a comment on this person is 記者有點白目. I would not call CCP's People's Daily 白目. I would not say the East Turkistan genocide is 白目. To say 記者有點白目 shows we don't see the seriousness of the matter: that our reporters are not uncovering truth; they are covering up atrocities.


  1. Luby, you missed something very important: CTi (中天新聞) anchor Lu Hsiu-fang's (盧秀芳) sister Lu Shiow-yen (盧秀燕) is a Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) legislator. Lu Hsiu-fang previously worked for the very pro-blue ETTV (東森新聞), too.

    Also notice Lu Hsiu-fang's lie about Zain Verjee "disrespecting" Ma. Verjee's use of "this man" was sandwiched between two mentions of the word "president." Furthermore, CTi refers to Verjee onscreen as a "reporter" (記者) when she's actually an anchor (主播).

    There's one more big thing that needs to be mentioned. Lu Hsiu-fang calls foreign reporters "中外" ("from outside of China") while talking about who should be "neutral" -- which, in Mandarin, is "中立" (and that sounds like it could mean "standing with China"). Mandarin really needs a different word for "neutral."

    The KMT-media-China team needs a slogan -- something like "We Are Family"!

    Tim Maddog

  2. How about instead of 中立 (neutral), we can say 不偏 or 不靠邊.

  3. Thanks for those suggestions, Áλισον.

    Tim Maddog