Sunday, August 30, 2009

憲法: 不准在 被告與律師見面時錄音
蔡守訓: 可以

Quiz 1: Who wins? 憲法 or 蔡守訓?
Theoretical answer:
Surely the Constitution wins hands down because it is the supreme law of the land
Real answer in this mythical Republic of China:
Quiz 2: Who is 蔡守訓? Is he God?
No, he is a judge.
Read 目無法紀的蔡守訓與台北地院用違法盜錄的看守所對話延長對扁的羈押
for detail.

Quiz 3: A judge raping the Constitution sounds even more disgusting than a teacher raping school girls entrusted to him. Will 蔡守訓 be hung?

Answer: Taiwanese are working on this.

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