Sunday, August 23, 2009 CNN is 90% trash

中華聯合數位映像: CNN新聞9成都是垃圾

To paraphrase Jerome Keating, I ask
Is中華聯合數位映像 simple-minded or a whore?
In the following, all colored emphases are mine. I comment on the original writing, in place.


(2009/08/23 18:23)


莫拉克颱風重創台灣,美國有線電視新聞網CNN不但大幅報導災情,而且譴詞用字似乎帶有負面批評的傾向,嚴厲批評馬政府引起正反評價,甚至出現陰 謀論。趨勢大師大前研一在剛出版的新書《美國,再見?》中,對CNN予以批評;大前研一批說「CNN新聞9成都是垃圾,並指CNN新聞充斥以美國為中心的 『CNN世界觀』,讓人認為CNN沒資格報導亞洲的新聞。」

I would like中華聯合數位映像 to come up with an estimate as to how much of NOWnews 是垃圾. Is the author hinting that中華聯合數位映像 is better than CNN? Can you imagine a CNN reporter openly lie and get away with it? On the other hand, is there one single day that中華聯合數位映像 does not lie?
馬政府這次救災動員緩慢,飽受民眾批評,但國際媒體批判的火力也讓台灣各界大吃一驚,當中又以CNN最引人側目。在總統馬英九召開中外記者會 後,CNN主播在報導時甚至表示,「『這個人』已經道歉又道歉,為莫拉克颱風救災慢扛起所有的責難跟責任,你現在看到的是台灣總統為他自己跟政府的作為做 解釋。」遣詞用字與標榜客觀中立的風格完全相反。

  • To CNN and any real news media, truth-finding is the real job. To中華聯合數位映像, brainwashing the public, defending KMT/CCP and hiding their faults is all consuming.
  • That is why中華聯合數位映像 considers it more important to discuss whether the expression 『這個人』(this man) is proper (in reference to Ma) than to find out why Ma refused Japan and US's rescue aid at the wake of the Typhoon aftermath. Worse, with its attack on CNN, it is hoping to stop others from digging for truth.
  • On one hand,中華聯合數位映像 finds CNN's this man reference to Ma objectionable. On the other hand, it and friends (UDN, Chinatimes, Central Daily, ... never find it improper to mount an epic, never-ending, 24-7 insults and groundless accusations on Chen Shui-Bian. Double standards is the norm for Taiwan's so-called news media such as中華聯合數位映像.


The nature of中華聯合數位映像 quarantees its notoriety, and its hostility towards humanity. Still the extreme low writing quality examplified by the last paragraph may be improved by not using anonymous names like 國際中心/綜合報導, so as to hold a real staff writer accountable. Here are some comments:
  • Please present proof that CNN在得知後趕緊將投票撤下,
  • and that it 怕引起更大公憤
  • 因為馬英九也沒犯國際公罪. Who says so and what is 國際公罪 anyway? Teach us how to bring an International lawsuit against Ma.
  • Finally, the completely empty words: 下不下台應由台灣人民決定. How? For the record, more than 60 years after KMT came to Taiwan, KMT continues to strip away people's birthrights of referendum.




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