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馬英九: 公款入私人帳戶 天天說謊 貓纜
吳敦義讚馬英九: 清廉, 人格 與能力

馬英九 清廉, 人格?

How about this man 吳敦義?
  • I called him cancer in 吳敦義:癌.
  • I wrote in 吳敦義/蔣友柏 that this man looks like a Jew who loves Hitler and is capable of justifying anything Hitler does.
We have a most hypocritical and incompetent man Ma Ying-Jeou (馬英九) as president. We have a most hypocritical and incompetent man 吳敦義 as the premier.

For many people the hatred is even more for 吳敦義 because they see him as a Nazi collaborator who never show any moral scruple.

This is what I wrote about this man 吳敦義 in 馬英九:台灣前途「兩岸人民」決定:

Luby Liao 在 08:24下午 五月 26, 2007 發表 , 文章分類:

中國國民黨主席馬英九 2006/02/10 日接受英國BBC廣播公司專訪時表示,兩岸目前沒有談統一的條件,應待時機成熟後再由「兩岸人民」決定 (東森新聞報). But now, 國民黨秘書長吳敦義認為,馬英九贏2008的最大策略,就是靠他的 清廉、人格 與能力。但他也不忘拿出黨章修正草案中「以台灣為主,對人民有利」的十字真言,強調馬所有政見,都會依循此一主軸發展。(馬深耕中南部)

Hello, are not 兩岸人民決定 and 以台灣為主,對人民有利 self contradicting? Are not
清廉、人格 and double-speak self-contradicting?

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