Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another opportunity for Chinese in Taiwan to protest

Chinese in Taiwan had a field day protesting Dalai's visit to Taiwan, chanting
go away , we don't need you. We are busy cleaning up the mess, we don't need you to mess up with our work and busy schedule.
Now, Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, an envoy of Pope Benedict XVI from the Holy See, arrived in Taiwan's southern county of Kaohsiung yesterday to pray for Typhoon Morakot's victims

Chinese in Taiwan should protest with the same reason and vigor. And the Taiwan reporters will again portray them as heroes fighting for Chinese dignity and justice.


  1. They don't have any double standards -- do they?! ;-)

    Great catch, Luby!

    Tim Maddog

  2. Thank you, Tim. Do you mean these people will not protest against Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes? Can we interview them to understand their logic or ethics?

  3. Logic? Ethics?! LOL

    All the readers need to know is that "mess[ing] up with [their] work and busy schedule" had nothing to do with their protests. ;-)

    Tim Maddog