Friday, September 18, 2009

傅雲欽律師: 藍綠惡鬥 不問是非 真是可惡

Of the brainwashing expressions, one of the worst is 藍綠. 藍綠 gives an impression that the choice between 藍 or 綠 is a matter of choosing a color, when in fact the difference is between evil and human decency, colonizers and brainwashed slaves.

藍綠 gives another illusion that they are comparable in their power. The fact is that KMT owns the judicial system, controls the media, controls the military and school system, has the world largest party asset, the best vote-buying machine, and the support of China.

藍綠 also suggests similar deeds between KMT and DPP. But KMT committed 228 massacre and the ensuing White Terror. So many innocent Taiwanese perished because of KMT. After 228 and White Terror, Taiwanese have been so scared to speak up as to become blind and deaf to injustice, even today. What has DPP done in comparison? It has been fighting KMT to win back our human rights.

藍綠惡鬥? How? Do we call a fight between Nazi and citizens 惡鬥?

I continue to urge Taiwanes to stop saying 綠藍, and instead say 本土/外來, 台灣/中國, 獨立/併吞, 入聯/反入聯, 民主/反民主, 公投/反公投...:

Luby Liao 在 01:49上午 一月 06, 2008 發表 , 文章分類:

李筱峰 is right on when he said: 所謂不分藍綠,其實是不分是非;所謂超越藍綠,其實是賴皮鄉愿,或投機取利 (see 《李筱峰專欄》選藍選綠有何不同?). On that note, I would like to urge Taiwanese to stop saying 綠藍, and instead say 本土/外來, 台灣/中國, 獨立/併吞, 入聯/反入聯, 民主/反民主, 公投/反公投... The difference is not at all what the colors suggest. The difference is that of human decency and evil.

《建國廣場通告》 藍綠惡鬥,不問是非,真是可惡


傅雲欽 (律師 / 建國廣場負責人) 2009.09.18




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