Sunday, September 6, 2009

Support of Tibetan genocide and
persecution of Dalai Lama
among Chinese in Taiwan [Videos]

We need to confront these Chinese in Taiwan with the following simple questions:
  • Do you support Tibetan genocide [perhaps because you consider it a domestic affair and other nations should just back off]?
  • What evil has Dalai Lama done and what lies has he told to deserve your insult? Why not protest against Ma's evil-doings and lies?
  • What are so wrong about all people (except Chinese) who see in Dalai a peaceful and virtuous person?
In this collection of videos, these Chinese in Taiwan show their support of Tibetan genocide and persecution of Dalai without being challenged with the above questions. Real reporters must ask hard questions. Taiwan reporters don't. They instead tried to create illusions that 200 such Chinese showed up when there were 20. Miraculously, these reporters also became completely blind to the 10,000 worshipers on site, perhaps because they were too peaceful.

If you wish to contribute a video, please leave a comment.
  1. 中国中央电视台 and 盧秀芳: [新闻1+1]达赖访台,天灾之后再添人祸?(2009.08.31)

  2. 阿明: TVBS distorts news about 達賴喇嘛

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