Sunday, September 6, 2009

Genocide in East Turkistan (新疆): Where do Uighurs all go?

This is a report written by Dr. Susie Hsieh about her trip to Urumqi. Dr. Hsieh is a professor of International law.

I was in Urumqi just before the current Uighurs riot. In fact, as soon as I left, the Uighurs took their brave hearts to the street. Wish I were still there when it happened. Even with my former students in East Turkistan, they could not have enough intelligence to alert me for staying longer. Such was my poor luck.

With over 2 million population in Urumqi, I could hardly spot any Uighurs in town except few, cleaning toilets (if there is any) and streets. I wanted to interview them about human rights issues. Yet, everywhere is Han Chinese, overpowering the entire political, economical, legal, military life in East Turkistan.

Thus, I decided to have "foot massage" to see if I could bump into Uighurs working. I did not have overwhelming courage for regular massage, but foot massage was good choice. Certainly, I would find some Uighurs I like to meet.

Well, well, no single soul from the Uighurs in the massage parlor. I
discovered myself wrong as massage is a rather lucrative profession in developng as well as developed country. The Uighurs are almost outcast in Han's society. How could they be there? All the young men and women in the parlor were from mountains in Shu-Chuan in the far away south. The girl served me was so young that one would almost consider her teenager. Her name was Yin-Yin. I paid the front desk RMB98.00 (about US$14.00) for masssage for an hour and half. Actual time was only about an hour though.

I asked Yin-Yin how much she got from the RMB98.00 I paid.
"RMB10.00 (about US$1.40)," said she, delightfully.

"Where do you live?"

"Share a little, crowded room provided by the boss with many girls working here."

"Do you have to pay for room?"
"Yes, we need to pay for room and board (meals)."

Imagine that the person who actually does the labor and service receives only one tenth of the pay from customer, minus room and board. I can see that the Chinese Communists are more capitalist than their long time counterparts in the West.

One more thing: I noticed there were no others giving tip except me. My tip of RMB10.00 was "very generous to Yin-Yin," I was told.

Hundreds of young Uighurs have been executed by Chinese regime without justice. This information was from my former graduate students and colleagues in East Turkistan "under the table." No wonder the Uighurs fight against the foreigners, Chinese, on their territory. Shalom!

Susie S. Hsieh, LL.B., Ph.D.
Professor of International law


  1. 1,not only Uighurs took their brave hearts to the street, but also Hans to protest the violence of extremists, like you guy, I can guess from your words.

    2,Where are your evidence of Genocide? Photo? Video? or some blood? or just in your day dream?

    3, Welcome to Shanghai, Beijing,every coastal city to interview Uighurs entrepreneurs here, restaurateur, vendor or students, they are 100% safe here in every back alley even in these days.

    4, What do you mean by executed when you said "Hundreds of young Uighurs have been executed by Chinese regime without justice." Do you ever see a regime? And in which way are they executed? By bullet? or by needle point?

  2. Corinne's reply:
    1. If Hans were there to protest the "extremists" as you said, weren't they out of place? (At Uyghurstan?) The Uyghurs' language, culture, religious believe and genomes are so distinctively different from the Hans, Why were so many Hans there in the first place? Who sent them there and why? Shouldn't these be the questions to ponder?

    2. As usual, the evidences have been routinely destroyed or concealed by the Totalitarian authority, quickly and out of trace. Is this a tactic NEW to you? Perhaps only new to the "day dreamers".

    3. Why should the Uyghurs be displaced in showcase cities like Shanghai and Beijing? What they want is to be able to conduct their activities SAFELY in their land. Can't see the relevancy in your argument.

    4. The Chinese authorities have been known to confiscate the camera and recorders of the foreign reporters and visitors and prohibit them to talk to the locals. If the outside world were to allow to see what's going on there, easily and transparently, there is NO need for this communication. The crime scenes typically require strenuous work to uncover, especially in Authoritarian regime.

    After all been said, I do have one question for you. I assume you are probably living free or some degree of free, if you can communicate with this group to voice your opinion. Why won't you help the deprived ones to have the same privilege you are enjoining now? (Isn't it feeling great that you can say what's in your mind without being worry to be persecuted?) In my view, to be a responsible world citizen, we can't just be at the receiving end without thinking of contributing or promoting those same desirable values we all want, shouldn't we?

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  4. Why not write some useful things for all the labors in China, not only the Uighurs, without racism attitudes.
    Then you may find you cannot find any way to solve problems but only to "oppose". Please do not to be a good opposition party member only.

  5. I do not think the situation you mentioned in this article mainly depends on the racial differences.

    I have lived in Northeastern China for years. In every period of my life, I have classmates and collegues in different races. Many of them have their racial traditions or habits. As what I know, if a Han conflicts their traditions or habits, most of other Hans will consider him a rude and bad educated person. When I was in university, we have a class with only one Uighur in them. This class held all of their parties in Muslim restaurants in the whole 4 year university period. His classmates living with him in the same room never brought in foods which conflict his Muslim faith. He is considered as a brother in the dom room without any difference from others.

    In China, competition occurs in every examination of entrance to a higher education level. National minorities have their privileges for grades in these exams. They can join language exams for their native language and get a higher score easier. Many of new students in minority races in my college can get 140 in language exams while a Han student can only get 110 in average. Do you really know how many people can be outstripped by this 30 score in China's college entrance examination? If people in minority races are not supported for education in their own language, how can they answer in their native language in the exams? And they have many other privileges in education and other aspects of life.

    As a normal Chinese people, I don't believe you have a general understanding and knowledges of racial relationships and facts in China. Please do not belittle or ruin our life with your prejudice attitudes.

  6. "He is considered as a brother in the dom room without any difference from others."
    Here "dom" should be "dorm". Sorry.

  7. do you know why you see han chinese everywhere in Urumqi?
    idiot,i tell you
    the uyghur only live in south xinjiang ,the north xinjiang was mongolian chinese and hui muslim chinese and han chinese residence area .
    and the URUMQI isnt a uyghur name,it is a mongolian zhun-ge-er dialect name,the meanings is :a huge green mountain.
    idiot go to hell

  8. 我们中国人根本不需要对台湾马来平浦矮子黑人族客气
    杀过去 灭绝这些低等畜生

  9. "逢中必反"的言论要么体现傲慢,要么体现无知。种族主义言论同样可耻。