Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Concord voters banned sale of water in plastic bottles

Boston Globe: Concord fires first shot in water battle

CONCORD — For years, Jean Hill has been reading about the environmental consequences of the countless plastic bottles filling landfills and polluting local waters. She has watched as other towns around the country have cut purchases of bottled water, which she views as a wasteful, environmentally damaging alternative to tap water.

This week, after lobbying neighbors and local officials for months, the 82-year-old activist persuaded them to take more drastic action than perhaps any other municipality in the country: At Town Meeting on Thursday, Concord residents voted to ban all sales of bottled water. ...

New Yourk Times: Where Thoreau Lived, Crusade Over Bottles

CONCORD, Mass. — Henry David Thoreau was jailed here 164 years ago for refusing to pay taxes while living at Walden Pond. ...


中國評論 - ‎1 小時之前‎
中評社北京6月24日訊/“連民進黨自己日前公佈的一份最新民調都顯示,百分之二十點一一%的受訪者支持盡速簽訂'ECFA'協議,以免台灣被邊緣化;百分之四十六點五六認為有完整配套後再簽訂,這就顯示高達六成多的台 灣民眾支持兩岸簽署'ECFA'協議。如此結果,已經讓民進黨的 ...

周末反ECFA遊 行_綠邀李登輝

中 時電子報 - ‎30分鐘之前‎
此外,前總統李登輝曾公開表示願意參加反ECFA遊行,民進黨指近二日會直接邀請,台聯發言人周美里表示,李前總統應不會拒絕。 蔡英文說,這段時間以來,總統府及行政部門自己設定了簽署ECFA的時間表,且無論如何也要 達成這個目標,「令人納悶與不解的是,為什麼 ...

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