Wednesday, April 6, 2011

表面上: 中央通訊社是 全民買單的 國家通訊社
實際上: 它是 中國國民黨不用付費的 洗腦機 V


14分鐘的歷史影片: 馬英九在反國光石化 萬眾前接受怒罵

總統不畏懼 (undaunted) 抗議者故意找他麻煩 (heckling)
中央社是一個國家通訊社, 它憑什麼在新聞報導 中加進
總統不畏懼 (undaunted)

故意找麻煩的抗議者 (heckling)

中央社的新聞報導 如下:

Talk of the Day -- President undaunted by protesters' hecklingFocus Taiwan News Channel
President Ma Ying-jeou was heckled by opponents of the controversial Kuokuang petrochemical project while attending a lunch organized by anti-Kuokuang advocacy groups in central Taiwan's Changhua County on Sunday. Ma was forced to abandon his speech ...

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