Friday, July 16, 2010

表面上: 中央通訊社是 全民買單的 中華民國國家通訊社
實際上: 它是 中國國民黨不用付費的 中國國民黨通訊社 III

Taiwan's national news agency accused of differential treatment

Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2010-07-16 11:10 AM

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Central News Agency

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Central News Agency
The Central News Agency (CAN), as a national news agency, has violated administrative neutrality by covering too much reports concerning campaign trails of Eric Chu, the ruling KMT candidate for the newly upgrade Xinbei in its news production, noted Kuan Bi-ling, a legislator of the opposition DPP, according to Liberty Times reports.Nearly all of Chu’s public events are reported by CNA including even trivial things like taking a bus and buying breakfast. These reports can amount to enough materials for a travel blog, said Lee Kun-cheng, DPP’s candidate for Xinbei’s councilor election at a joint press conference with Kuan yesterday.
80 % of the respondents in the poll conducted by the Yahoo fell boring and angry concerning the news about Chu’s breakfast. The CNA should not be campaign tool for any specific candidate, said Lee.

Responding to the accusation, the CNA noted that the news agency always puts all news on an equal footing and will never have differential treatment for specific figures.

Lo Kuang-jen, director of personnel administration in the CNA, noted that the news agency also have reports about Tsai Ing-wen, DPP candidate for Xinbei City mayor, and Su Tseng-chang in Taipei City, since these politicians are all highlights in their daily reports.

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