Saturday, May 22, 2010

Referendum is an integral part of any election in US

Ask yourselves why Chinese KMT stripped away people's referendum rights and brainwash people like this:

Chinese KMT: referendum is unusual and unnecessary
Therefore, Chinese KMT does not allow referendum

Here I show you the referendum items for June 8, 2010 primary election of the county of San Diego, California, USA.


FOR JUNE 8, 2010
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Required to Pass

Even Zimbabwean can have referendum, see


新華網 - ‎16分鐘之前‎
新華網哈拉雷5月22日電(記者李努爾)據《先驅報》22日報道,津巴布韋將于明年5月舉行新憲法全民公投,如果獲得通過,它將成為該國獨立以來首部自行制定的憲法。 報道援引憲法委員會主席曼瓜納的話說,新憲法草案的徵詢活動6月15日正式啟動,預計9月結束。 ...

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