Thursday, September 16, 2010


中華保釣協會不代表台灣人.  These people can  do whatever they like, but I don't want them to spend my money, and I don't want others to think they represent me.

I protest to The Daily Yomiuri for calling these two 中華 persons Taiwanese activists, and to RTT News for stating
More than 80 Taiwanese protested outside the Japanese trade office
Are 中華 people in Taiwan Taiwanese?   I know 星雲和尙, 郭冠英, 和 馬英九 are not.  Would anyone call 中華愛國同心會 people Taiwanese?


中時電子報 - 2 天前
昨晚兩人返抵野柳漁港,對海巡署派出十二艘大、小船艦全程護送仍遭驅趕大表不滿, ...中華保釣協會領軍出發的保釣漁船感恩九九,13號下午出發前往釣魚台宣示主權, ...

Taiwan activists enter Japan's contiguous zone

The Daily Yomiuri - ‎2010年9月14日‎
A Taiwan fishing boat carrying two protesters entered Japan's contiguous zone near the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea early Tuesday, in what appeared ...

Anti-Japan Protests In Taiwan

RTT News
(RTTNews) - More than 80 Taiwanese protested outside the Japanese trade office--serving as its de facto embassy--in Taipei over an incident at one of the ...


  1. Exactly! Remember what Kuo Kuan-ying himself said about this very topic:
    - - -
    [1:21] 我就是中國人 堂堂正正的中國人

    [1:23 TVBS reporter asks] 外國人問你 'Where are you from?' 你會回答…

    [Kuo's response, in English] 'From China!'

    [BS reporter] 不會說「台灣」?

    [Kuo, in English] 'No, no, no, not… Never, ever Taiwan! Taiwan is part of *China* -- it's only a *province* of China.'
    - - -

    Most Taiwanese would disagree.

    Tim Maddog

  2. Remarkable that Kuo said the following in the interview:

    - I am really superior to Taiwanese.

    In what way is he superior to Nobel laureate Dr. Lee Yen-Tze?

    - I am not from Taiwan; I am from China. This is because Taiwan is a province of China.

    No one interviews for a job
    would say: "I am from USA; I am not from San Diego. This is because San Diego is a city of USA."

    See the danger of brainwashing? It produces creatures like Kuo.

  3. Luby, I see Kuo Kuan-ying not as a victim of the brainwashing, but as one of the biggest brainwashers, much like the character of Dr. Yen Lo in the 1962 version of "The Manchurian Candidate."

    Tim Maddog

  4. Kuo Kuan-ying, typical of Chinese KMT people, is incapable of making simple sense. This is an indication that Chinese brainwashing in Taiwan does more damage to Chinese's brains than Taiwanese'. There are good explanations. A Taiwanese can read Liberty Times (自由時報), watch SET TV (三立) and FTV(民視). But a skinhead Chinese will only read China Times and United Daily (聯合中時)and watch TVBS and CTV. The former has the benefit of listening to reason; the latter has no escape from cuckoo's nest.